Types / Where?

INDIVIDUAL / COUPLE / FAMILY DMP (online or in Logatec-Slovenia)

  • Dance / MOVEMENT PSYCHOTHERAPY = prolonged support for in-depth exploration and resolution of unconscious personal blockages that stop you (or your family member(s)) from having an enjoyable life. The aim is to become aware of unuseful patterns on a bodily/mental/spiritual level, embrace them, explore possibilities of letting go /changing them, re-integrate all three levels of your existence, and start to live a new version of yourself (in relation to yourself, others and your current reality). The approach is benefical for individuals with various diagnosis or those without who are willing to change their lives for better.

PERSONAL GROWTH PROGRAMS (1 to 1, online or in Logatec-Slovenia)

  • ‘BODY-MIND-SPIRIT reset’ = the collection of body-mind-spirit techniques for your best support and destress in times of personal crisis / foggy life periods / emotionally charged life events. This is intense 1 to 1 work that activates all 3 nervous centers and aims to bring quick balance back into your life.
  • ‘POSITIVE POSTURE’ = explores anatomy and psychology of your posture – how are these two correlated and how do they influence your posture. Being part of this program increases your body-awareness, brings you an understanding of body-mind connection, and builds up your posture for a lifetime – correcting your physical and psychological malpractices.
  • BODY-SOFTENING‘ = encourages you to find and move in your own rhythm and abilities. The aim is to become more conscious and comfortable in your own body.
  • CONFIDENT FOREIGN-LANGUAGE SPEAKER‘ = collaboration with local language school allows me to offer you this unique linguistic support, which does not only cover your grammatical skills but also helps you to face your personal blockages about presenting yourself in a foreign language. The program helps you to develop self-confidence and to embody a new part of your identity, which is inevitably uncovered by learning a new language.

Would you like to join but you are not sure which type of support is the most suitable for you? Send me an email (info@kon-pas.org) or call me on WhatsApp (00386 153 500). I am happy to help you clarify your thoughts.