I am Sara Idzig, empathic, dynamic and proffessional dance-movement psychotherapist and pedagogue working in a private practice in Slovenia.

I have graduated from MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy course at Derby University and moved back to Slovenia in order to spread my knowledge and experiences within the country where DMP is not yet developed.

KON-PAS company has been established to create a therapeutic space where people can receive dance-movement psychotherapeutic support and attend other programes for personal growth and prevention.

All my teoretical and practical skills are in constant professional development. To maintain quality and good results at my work I attend regular supervision, professional trainings and personal psychotherapy. Also, as a professional member of ADMP UK I follow their codex of practice when working with my clients.

If you would like to know more about me or you have additional questions regarding DMP/ other programes for personal growth, please do not hesitate to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ me 🙂